What a week. Helping friends move is never as much fun as anyone makes it out to be. Nevertheless, that’s how I spent the bulk of my Saturday. So for once, I was looking forward to breaking free and heading over to Rocky. Since the rain was making a 37 mile trek to Webster look a little out of the question, I head on over to the closer River Oaks show. Apparently, The Lost Boys had a healthy crowd waiting to get in. As such, I had a blast making vampire cracks also. Anyways … on with the show. I’m sitting down close to the front. Sadly, I’m still within striking distance of Uber for those moments when I embarrass him. Not that that stops me, though. The heckling begins in earnest with the preshow. Always does, always will. Its just the way life meant it to be.
Now right off the bat, I’ll give a little credit where its due. The cast did not flood the theater with a callback crew and as such, actually left a lot oxygen for the rest of the audience to do callbacks. In mine and Uber’s case, that meant heckling. Nevertheless, it garnered more than a little laughter. Now, there are a few side effects of this to note. Notably, the whiney b&%$#% who I was sitting next to. She was seemingly incensed that not enough callbacks were done, and in fairness, there were not. I’ll touch on this later, but first I want to rip her a new one. Ya see, she KNEW all the “official” call lines. She whispered them all during the show. She also got noticably miffed when someone left a lighter on when the que was darkness. I’m guessing in she’s nuts. She also left before the movie was done, so I’m chalking that one up to the lame-ass crowd that River Oaks draws from.
Now, back to the lack of callbacks. First off, this is not a bad thing. It’s going to be part of the growing process as audience members (other than Sarah) learn that they have an opening to do a call line themselves. Given time, the audience will learn. And who knows … maybe they’ll come back more often. It’s just so crazy it might work. Letting audience members do the audience participation part … sounds novel, doesn’t it?